Advanced Electrodes for Alkaline Electrolysers

Pushing the Boundaries in Hydrogen Production

Welcome to a breakthrough in the world of hydrogen production. At Adele Hydrogen, we've redefined the process of water electrolysis with our state-of-the-art electrodes designed for alkaline electrolysers.

Our proprietary design supercharges hydrogen production by up to 60%, while simultaneously decreasing power consumption per kg of hydrogen by 10% compared to standard electrodes. These cutting-edge electrodes are crafted without the use of noble metals or critical raw materials, making them an environmentally and economically responsible choice.

The result? An efficient, economical, and environmentally friendly way to produce hydrogen. We are pushing the boundaries of what's possible in the hydrogen industry, offering you a more sustainable and profitable future. Experience the next generation of hydrogen production with us. 

Maximizing Efficiency, Minimizing Costs

Experience unprecedented economic returns with our innovative electrodes. Thanks to their superior performance, we offer 60% more hydrogen production, dramatically reducing capex requirements per hydrogen production capacity.

Coupled with 10% lower electrical costs, our technology significantly decreases the cost per kg of hydrogen produced. Embrace a solution that not only boosts performance but also leads to considerable savings.

Noble-Free and Flexible: We Fit All Electrodes

Responsibility and efficiency go hand-in-hand with our electrodes. Crafted without the use of noble metals or critical raw materials, our technology respects the planet while still delivering outstanding results.

Plus, our versatile solution can be applied to all alkaline electrode designs, making it a flexible choice for hydrogen production. Choose technology that aligns with your values and meets your performance needs.

Scalable Solutions, Made in the EU

Take advantage of a technology that's designed for growth. Our electrode manufacturing process is not only scalable to meet increasing demands but also proudly done within the European Union.

This means you benefit from the stringent quality standards and supply chain reliability that come with EU manufacturing. Choose a solution that grows with you, and experience the assurance of local production.

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